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of la◆ughter from the audi〓ence.Please sca◆n the QR Code to fo◆llow us on ○InstagramPlease ■scan the QR Code to■ follow us on Wechat〓"Game of Thro■nes" and "Marvelo○us Mrs. Maisel" ●win big at 70th Pr◆imetime Emmy Aw●ards"Game o○f

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Thrones" and "Ma◆rvelous Mrs. Maise●l" win big at 70t●h Primetime Emmy Awa○rds"Game of Thro○nes" and "Marvelous◆ Mrs. Maisel"◆ win big at 70th 〓Primetime Emmy A●wards09-18-20●18 14:14 BJT"○Game of Throne●s" and "Marvelous〓 Mrs. Ma

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isel" w○on top awards Mond〓ay evening at the 7■0th Primetime Em〓my Awards, picki●ng up outstan●ding drama ser■ies and out■standing comedy seri〓es, respectively.HBO〓's "Game of Throne●s" returned t◆o the Emmy■s after a year out o●f

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contention and l〓ed the nominations■ with 22 nods. Th○e fantasy d●rama television seri■es is an adapt〓ation of Geor◆ge R. R. Martin'■s series of fanta●sy novels. It'○s the third Em■my wins of "Game of◆ Thrones" for best ●drama ser

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ie〓s following two ●wins in a row in ●2015 and 20○16."The show ●is only as g■ood as the people wh■o make it. ■And we had the great■est cast, the g●reatest crew and◆ the best produc〓ers in the bu●siness. And ●thanks to 〓HBO for their v●ision. There is● no better ●place to w●ork," said prod●ucer David Ben■ihoff.Martin, ◆the prolific■ author of the serie■s of books up〓on which t○he TV series is b◆ased, told Xinh〓ua, "We

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chang●ed the genre an◆d opened the door f◆or other q●uality fantasies."■Peter Dink●lage also won his ●t

e○ssman Andrew Yang ●was asked wha●

hird Emmy for ●most outstandi〓ng support〓ing actor in a dram●a series f○or "Game of 〓Thrones." Dinklage

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■has been nominate●d in the catego〓ry seven times a◆nd won the ●award in 2◆011 and 2015●."I had some●

Pres■ident Vladimir Put〓in

concerns goin◆g into this role, b○ecause usually ○a role about someone● my size usua◆lly does no■t have

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enou◆gh depth and● layers to ◆make it inter●esting. This was■ completely● different. It's b○ittersweet

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to ●see it end," Dinkl●age told Xinhua.Am〓azon's "Ma○rvelous Mrs〓. Maisel" domina○ted the comedy categ●

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ories with fi◆ve honors ◆including award●s for Best Comedy■ and Lead Actress◆.When asked ab■out the rel?/p>

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